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Minnesota Football: Reviewing TDG Staff Predictions For Gopher Football 2013

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Back before the football season kicked off the TDG staff put their season predictions down for all the world to see.

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total Win%
Matt 9-3 9-3 0.750
JDMill 7-5 5-7 12-0 8-4 32-16 0.667
GN 11-1* 8-4 5-7 9-3 9-3 42-18 0.646
Jeffrick 6-6 5-7 10-2 9-3 30-18 0.625
GoAUpher 8-4 7-5 15-9 0.625
Elliot 7-5 7-5 0.583
* not counted in total

Small sample size for both Matt and Elliot, if this were a figure skating competition we'd throw out each of their scores.  My 2009 picks are very real but I decided not to include them in the total.  That year the TDG staff consisted of myself, Buck Bravo and JG2112.  I nailed my picks that year but it isn't fair to current staff that they would have to overcome that kind of brilliance.  (I also fully admit that were my picks closer to .500, I would not waste anyone's time by displaying them).

This is a record of how well we predicted each game.  Matt was the only one who accurately predicted an 8-4 record but he was wrong on 3 of his actual games.  JD accurately predicted last year's slate perfectly, a record that can only be tied!

Not a whole lot to discuss here (I struggled to get to 200+ words here).  We put our predictions out there and thought it would be nice to show the world how we did.