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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football and Hockey News, Notes, and Links: Golden Nugz 10/01/14

Welcome to a brief afternoon Nugz, Gophers fans!

Leon Halip

I know you can't get enough reaction from last weekend. This is a piece with some cool Twitter reactions.

There's a reason Brady Hoke has been under fire four four consecutive days, and it all stems from Shane Morris's concussion (now verified by the University of Michigan).  Well, what started the controversy was Thieren Cockran's explosive hit on Morris, for which the Gophers were penalized fifteen yards.  Coach Kill defended Cockran on the play, saying that while the play was properly penalized, Cockran did not intend to injure Morris.  I know Hoke's situation is different from Kill's response exactly what you would expect from a professional coach.  Hoke's response has been a disaster of obfuscation.

The Big Ten has officially recommended full-cost, multi-year guaranteed, lifetime availability scholarships to the NCAA.  It's a step in the right direction.

Gophers women's hockey gets a star back from the US Olympic Team this season, Lee Stecklein.  But you already know that because GopherGuy5 had that covered today!

Finally, projects 4.88 conference victories for Gophers football this year. That's a heck of a lot closer to five than to four.  Who would be pumped with five conference victories?  I would.

That's all for today.  Go Gophers!