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Gameday Nugz: Northwestern Edition

Quick reads for your tailgate

Leon Halip

All football all the time. To be more accurate, all football on Saturday mornings before football.


In case you missed it, the Gophers will be wearing Gold helmets today.

Joe Christensen predicts a 27-20 Minnesota victory.

Marcus Fuller predicts a 24-20 Minnesota victory. I'm refusing to link to anything else the Pioneer Press put out because their website is under the extremely false impression that auto-playing two different videos on a website is a good user experience.

Christensen has an article on David Cobb and Damien Wilson. I share Damien Wilson's annoyance with the offsides mechanics in FIFA.

Scoggins argues that the Jug will mean little if the Gophers can't build on it. I think he's both right and wrong here. The Jug win was a meaningful sign of progress that should help with recruiting and movement the next few years. Claeys said the same about the Nebraska win last year. Big wins do not show up immediately. At the same time, the team can only prove it belongs when it continues to show improvement and that means wins.

Tyler Mason gives us five things to watch for in today's game.

Teddy Greenstein at the Chicago Tribune believes Northwestern is in for a physical test. Also, water is wet.