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Minnesota vs. Northwestern Week 7 Predictions Review

Lets see how I did.

Another game, another big win.
Another game, another big win.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Lets see how well I guessed the Gophers would do compared to the actualities of their 24-17 win over Northwestern.


Gophers rush for 250 yards.


So...the Gophers only ran for 121 yards.  Oops.  Neverless, it was enough.

PREDICTION: The Gopher defense makes a game changing play


There was no major game changing play, though there might have been..looking at you Bottacelli.  But the defense did well enough at the end to win. 

PREDICTION: Maxx Williams will have a Touchdown.


0-3...we sure we won yesterday??

Prediction: Mitch Leidner will NOT throw 4 interceptions.


Only one pick for Mitch, and thanks to a great stand by the Gopher defense it didn't hurt us at all.

Maybe my hopes were a little better??


HOPE: If Called Upon, Ryan Santoso has a perfect day.

REALITY: A perfect 1-1 on the field goal part. So that works.  Kickoffs were a little short, but it didn't matter as the coverage team did a great job.

HOPE: The Gophers look competent on offense again

REALITY: Competent is such a word open to interpretation. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done.


REALITY: As far as I know we succeeded at this one!

HOPE: No Minnesota turnovers.

REALITY: Except for a Mitch armpunt it was a decent day.

HOPE: Berkley Edwards plays a larger role.

REALITY: Well,that one sort of crashed and burned didn't it.  His one jet sweep carry he went backwards for -5 yards.  Not great.


Run the ball effectively like you have done all season:

Eh..not amazing, but again good enough.

Stop the Northwestern run and make Siemian have to move in the pocket.

See above.

Win the field position battle.  Have Mortell pin the Wildcats deep.

Hugely important.  It was a great day for Mortell, Santoso and the Gopher Coverage Teams.

Have a large loud crowd into the game and make an impact to how Northwestern plays on offense

Pretty good.  Was a good crowd, got loud on third and fourth downs on Northwestern's last drive.  How much of an impact was made...that's tougher to tell.

Play good smart football, win the game and takeover the top spot in the Big Ten West!

BINGO!  And that's the only one that really matters!