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Minnesota Gopher Football Gold Helmets: Reactions, Thoughts, Vote

Up until now, there was only one new helmet I've liked in years. As of yesterday, I have two.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This is a post that has nothing to do with football. Repeat, nothing to do with football. This is a uniform post, which means we'll be spending the whole time talking about design, combinations, and colors. Seems like a perfect way to unwind on a Sunday to me!

My Thoughts

As I mentioned above, I haven't been a big fan of the alternate helmets the Gophers have used in the last decade. Why the last decade? Because unless the Helmet Project and my brain are lying to me (totally possible), Minnesota didn't do any alternates before the 2006 game against NDSU. Since the fine folks over at agree, I'm feeling good about my memory though.

Everything we saw before 2006 was simply the current iteration of a pretty standard theme (I see you trollin' M&M era), especially with the helmets. But in recent years, we've seen 3 alternate or throwback helmets used. All of them were white

2006 (1960 Throwback)

2008 (The Brewster Whites)

2013 (The Bowl Game "Throwbacks")

While I didn't HATE any of them, I was distinctly more "meh" about them. Of the 3, I definitely felt the bowl version from last year was the best. But with the maroon uniforms...I dunno, didn't fit for me.

That's why I was pleased by what we saw yesterday. Not only are the gold lids good on their own (will never stop enjoying the SKI-U-MAH detail), the uni combo the Gophers picked for yesterday was perfect. I already love the gold pants/maroon jersey combo but it really popped for me with the helmets. I'd like to see how the lids looked with the all gold, all maroon, and gold jersey/maroon pants as well. I don't want to see them with the white aways unless they have the gold pants. Even then I'm not sure I'll like it. But this combo?

Yea, I'm good with this combo.

The Twitter Verdict