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The Daily Gopher Caption This Contest: Because We're the Best Golden Gopher Site In the World

It's time for our weekly Facebook groveling! Come have some fun at Darrell Hazell's expense (as if coaching Purdue isn't bad enough!).

Michael Hickey

Well friends, this is the part where I grovel to you about liking us on Facebook.  We're pickup up new users, everyday, which is fanatastic.  We want to keep the positive momentum rolling, so please, if you haven't already, use this like box right here.  Also, when you see our content in your news feed, share it with your friends, because if we know it's anything, it's that friends share common interests.  Look at the pictures of people who like our site!  I see two of the sites writers, a group of women I've never met, a coworker, and some guy butchering a tuna.

On to the contest!  You know the rules: keep it clean and within the decency rules of the site, and have fun.  The Target is a photo of Purdue's Darrell Hazell giving direction to a referee.  I'm guessing he's telling the ref which Burger King to apply to on Monday morning after he puts a call in to the league office, but that's just speculation.  And look at what he's done the bill of that hat.  Are those 90 degree angles?  Did he use the corner of his desk and an iron to accomplish that?

Oh, and congratulations to last week's winner: