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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football and Basketball News and Links: Golden Nugz 10/17/14

Hannah Foslien

Well folks, I tried to get some opposition coverage of the Gophers game tomorrow against Purdue, but The Lafayette Journal & Courier doesn't like their content to be seen, adding a step for me to insert a link, so they're getting no free clicks from me today.

Our own Star Tribune is receiving the same treatment, because they felt like today was a good day to rehash the "college football attendance woes" narrative on their front page as an excuse to run three articles they've written this year about how the U's football ticket sales and student participation are under-performing and how ticket bundling is a ghastly crime against (student) humanity.  Well, no free clicks from me today for you either.

I did find something called so they're getting the free clicks instead.

At Least We Now Have Hopes To Be Dashed Purdue just might be the B1Ggest team out there with a statement like that.

Change is Upon Us I'm jealous of that title.  Makes me think of one of my favorite TV shows.  "The ray is upon you!"

Now, on to the footbaw coverage.

ESPN admits they screwed up leaving Maxx Williams of their mid-season All-Big Ten team.  Sort of.

Did you know realize that Isaac Fruechte has caught passes from four different QBs in his time as a Gopher?  I don't know if that's odd in college football or not.  I would guess it's not that unusual.

Peter Mortell is the best player on the roster [my words, not the author's].

Lots of basketball news for you today.  Quick fire!

Gophers basketball: Mo Walker gained confidence from big game against Wisconsin and Frank Kaminsky - Gophers Now

Big Ten basketball: Gophers won't sneak up on anybody this season -

Gophers basketball: Pitinos still playing nice with father-son match-up approaching -

Aaaaand women's hockey: one for you!  Gophers women's hockey in rare spot - No. 2 - with biggest rival on deck -

Go Gophers!  Beat Purdue!