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Minnesota Depth Chart: Week 8 vs. Purdue

The injury list is still shrinking, so that's good.

Hannah Foslien

The depth chart is here! Ok, it was here last night but we can't be everywhere all the time. And the information is still good, so enjoy!

Quick Thoughts:

- Connor Mayes is now the #2 right guard. Glad to see him make the depth chart, at least in terms of his redshirt being gone (i.e. if you're going to pull it make sure it means something).

- And...well, I think that's it for noteworthy changes. If I'm forgetting/missing something, definitely let me know!

- If you're wondering about Purdue's depth chart, you can find it here.

Purdue - OFF

Purdue - DEF

Purdue - ST

Purdue - INJ