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College Football Week 6 TV Schedule: Game Times, Channel Listing, TV Guide

Ugh, bye week.



Without a doubt, two of the worst words in the English language. When used together they mean honey do-list, visits to the in-laws, or a wedding for two people who thought that getting married in the fall suddenly became acceptable because of the aforementioned two words. Sure, on a practical level bye weeks also mean time for the players on your favorite team to heal and prepare, time for your team's coaches to recruit following a big trophy win, and time for you to daydream about your team being 8-1 going into a home game against a conference power. That doesn't change the fact that bye weeks suck.

The one major positives to bye weeks? If you are able to avoid doing all the things you should be doing (i.e. all the tasks you've ignored for over a month's worth of Saturdays in a row) you now have time to watch games you might have otherwise missed for the Gophers. And let's face it, MOAR FOOTBALL is never a bad thing. The tricky part is getting the chance to watch MOAR FOOTBALL.

Looking at the weekend, here are the games that jump out at me:

- Arizona @ Oregon: This is a game I won't watch because seriously, a 10:30 pm kickoff on a Thursday? No.

- Purdue @ Illinois: LOLNOPE. Seriously, AVERT YOUR GAZE. Watching this one is the football equivalent of staring at a solar eclipse without eye protection.

- Alabama @ Mississippi: Forget the SEC NARRATIVE issues. Focus on scenery and the highly unlikely (but highly entertaining from a meltdown perspective if it happens) Bammer fan meltdown due to losing to Ole Miss.

- Oklahoma @ TCU: Not sold on the last game? Well, we are all TCU fans now, so this game should work instead.

- Baylor @ Texas: Goodness, the 2:30 CT slot is packed this Saturday.

- Michigan @ Rutgers: Admit it, you want to see what stupid thing Brady Hoke does this week.

So good luck to you intrepid Gopher fans. May your weekend be filled with extra football in place of yard work, handyman projects, or social gatherings that prevent you from watching football.

Thursday, Oct 2, 2014 Time (ET) TV
UCF @ Houston 7:00 PM ESPN
Florida Atlantic @ FIU 7:00 PM FSN
Arizona @ (2) Oregon 10:30 PM ESPN
Friday, Oct 3, 2014 Time (ET) TV
Louisville @ Syracuse 7:00 PM ESPN
San Diego State @ Fresno State 10:00 PM CBSS
Utah State @ (18) Brigham Young 10:15 PM ESPN
Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 Time (ET) TV
Ball State @ Army 12:00 PM
(20) Ohio State @ Maryland 12:00 PM ABC
Florida @ Tennessee 12:00 PM SECN
Purdue @ Illinois 12:00 PM ESPN2
(6) Texas A&M @ (12) Mississippi State 12:00 PM ESPN
Iowa State @ (21) Oklahoma State 12:00 PM FS1
Marshall @ Old Dominion 12:00 PM FSN
Southern Miss @ Middle Tennessee 12:00 PM AMSN
Southern Methodist @ (22) East Carolina 12:00 PM ESPNU
Virginia Tech @ North Carolina 12:30 PM ESPN3/ACCN
Eastern Michigan @ Akron 2:00 PM ESPN3
North Texas @ Indiana 2:30 PM BTN/BTN2
Massachusetts @ Miami (OH) 2:30 PM ESPN3
Tulsa @ Colorado State 3:00 PM
North Carolina State @ Clemson 3:30 PM ESPNU
Wake Forest @ (1) Florida State 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN3
(14) Stanford @ (9) Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC
(17) Wisconsin @ Northwestern 3:30 PM ESPN2
(3) Alabama @ (11) Mississippi 3:30 PM CBS
(4) Oklahoma @ (25) TCU 3:30 PM FOX
(7) Baylor @ Texas 3:30 PM ABC
Navy @ Air Force 3:30 PM CBSS
New Mexico @ Texas-San Antonio 3:30 PM AMSN
Buffalo @ Bowling Green 3:30 PM ESPN3
Ohio @ Central Michigan 3:30 PM ESPN3
Vanderbilt @ (13) Georgia 4:00 PM SECN
Kansas @ West Virginia 4:00 PM FSN
Oregon State @ Colorado 4:00 PM PAC12
Kent State @ Northern Illinois 5:00 PM ESPN3
South Alabama @ Appalachian State 6:00 PM ESPN3
Michigan @ Rutgers 7:00 PM BTN
(15) LSU @ (5) Auburn 7:00 PM ESPN
Texas Tech @ (23) Kansas State 7:00 PM ESPNU
UTEP @ Louisiana Tech 7:00 PM FCS
UAB @ Western Kentucky 7:00 PM
Hawaii @ Rice 7:00 PM AMSN
Toledo @ Western Michigan 7:00 PM ESPN3
Louisiana-Monroe @ Arkansas State 7:00 PM ESPN3
Georgia State @ Louisiana-Lafayette 7:00 PM ESPN3
Idaho @ Texas State 7:00 PM ESPN3
Memphis @ Cincinnati 7:00 PM CBSS
Miami (FL) @ Georgia Tech 7:30 PM ESPN2
South Carolina @ Kentucky 7:30 PM SECN
Pittsburgh @ Virginia 7:30 PM ESPN3
Arizona State @ (16) USC 7:30 PM FOX
(19) Nebraska @ (10) Michigan State 8:00 PM ABC
UNLV @ San Jose State 8:00 PM ESNN
Georgia Southern @ New Mexico State 8:00 PM ESPN3
Utah @ (8) UCLA 10:30 PM ESPN
California @ Washington State 10:30 PM PAC12
Boise State @ Nevada 10:30 PM CBSS