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Minnesota Not In Big Ten Per Ohio State AD and Greater Columbus Sports Commission

Does this mean we're in the SEC now? Are we eligible for our own TV contract like Notre Dame? It's all so confusing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So this is something the internet delivered to us today...

Sweet! A website devoted to all the Chamber of Commerce type websites. I'm sure whatever website represents the Twin Cities is very prou...wait a second...


A couple of quick #TAKES here:

- Good job good effort everyone.

- I don't think Gene Smith is ever able to object to the "Big Ten can't count!" jokes ever again.

- Seriously, guys I think the rules are pretty clear:

And the Lord Delany spake, saying, "First shalt thou make a website. Then shalt thou count to fourteen, no more, no less. Fourteen shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be fourteen. Fifteen shalt thou not count, neither count thou thirteen, excepting that thou then proceed to fourteen. Sixteen is right out (until the Lord commands it to be so). Once the number fourteen, being the fourteenth number, be reached, then post thy Holy Website of Commerce on thy vile internet, who, being full of people, shall result in monies."

Seriously though...