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Golden Nugs 10.2.14--Rainy Day Nugs

These will try and put some sunshine back in your life.

Leon Halip

Its a rainy day in the Twin Cities, but hopefully these will brighten your day before the big professional football game this evening:


Joe Christensen has a notebook of Gopher Football related nuggets in the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune also has a video up of Gopher Fans visiting the Little Brown Jug on campus last night.  A quick reminder that you can go see it tonight in the T Denny Sanford Hall of Fame at TCF Bank Stadium from 5:30-8.

Marcus Fuller had this video of Gaelin Elmore talking about the win over Michigan:

Fuller also has an article on Ryan Santoso gaining confidence after the Michigan Game.


Amelia Rayno from the Star Tribune returns from a two week trip to Europe (Lucky...) and writes a

mailbag of all sorts of Gopher Basketball questions on the flight home.

Fuller has this note about what Richard Pitino is going to try and do on Monday:


Both Gopher Hockey teams had their local media days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Gopher Women;s recap is here:

And the Men's recap is here:

Tyler Mason of Fox Sports North has an article on the men's team entering the new season.

Betsy Helfand writes about the Four Gopher Men who decided to come back instead of going pro in the Pioneer Press.

Sam Kraemer has an article in the Pioneer Press about Gopher women's player Lee Stecklein who played for the US Olympic Team last season and now returns to the Gophers squad.

General Gopher Sports

Minnesota Public Radio News has an article about a group of Gopher Students who are complaining to the Student Senate that they can't buy Gopher Hockey Tickets because they didn't want to shell out an extra $75 for Football Tickets.  The Gophers started a system this year where if you wanted first crack at buying Men's Basketball or Hockey Tickets, you had to buy football tickets as well.  Tickets would be sold for just Basketball and Hockey if there were any left, and for Hockey, the tickets sold out before individual sales could occur.  A few students don't think that was fair, and want to be able to buy tickets and get refunds for unwanted football tickets.

Meanwhile, the U doesn't really give two craps what these kids think, because they sold more football tickets than they would have originally, and the Hockey tickets sold out.  So obviously there were enough people who didn't mind the extra $75 to but football tickets to get their hockey tickets. If you couldn't tell what side of the argument I come down on from the tone of my words, I'm strongly in the U's camp on this one, and not the whiny law student who thought he could game the system, failed, and is now making a stink about it not only to the U of M governing boards, but the media.  And of course the Media just LOOOOOOVE a story like this.

Anyways, if you disagree and are on the student's side on this one, tell us why in the comments.  I'd love to see a different argument that moves me rather than the typical comments I have been seeing on facebook all day which is that for all these students with these huge student loans that the extra $75 is cruel and crippling to them.  Let us know what you think.