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Big Ten Mascots Shake It Off Parody: Taylor Swift's Hit Gets Remade

The B1G mascot parody is back using another song I can't get out of my head.

The mascots of the Big Ten (ok, some of them) are back with another parody video. This time they're determine to make sure I can't get "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift out of my head. It appears as though these parodies will become a yearly event, and I for one couldn't be happier. Seriously, what's not to like about mascots doing things to music? THERE IS NOTHING TO NOT LIKE, THAT'S WHAT. And on that confusing sentence, here's the video and some stream of consciousness thoughts I had.

Quick #TAKES (By Order Of Appearance)

- Sparty, Brutus, Herbie, Lil' Red, Bucky, Goldy, Scarlet Knight, Herky

- Hat tip to Brutus for rocking the Zubaz.

- Purdue Pete is a creeper

- Bucky wants to recreate the gymnastics challenge from Old School I think.

- Goldy got an excuse to use the go-cart in a way that fit the song. Advantage Goldy.

- Is it possible for Lil' Red not to seem soulless and evil? Because he always looks like an abomination against humanity.

- Herky's first appearance is as a hater. Even among the B1G mascots the reputation persists.

- Herbie's eyes when in the Club Seats at Memorial at night? SCARY.

- Herky can't keep a beat. Herky isn't a real bird. Herky sucks.

- Seriously, Purdue Pete is a creepy gym guy. Literally.

- I think the Scarlet Knight NJ Bro Sparty was trying to grind on someone's head for a bit. JAGERBOMB!

- Uhhhhhhh...

Purdue Pete Boombox

- The ridiculousness that is Lil' Red on a bike will be GIF'd

- Herky, still a hater.

- Zubaz are still awesome when worn by nuts.

- WHOA, POOR EDITING. They pulled away from Herky too quickly and showed Goldy during a Hater refrain. Not cool mascot editing bros.

- Excellent use of the Sprinkler move by Sparty.

- Every other mascot wishes they had Goldy's skills behind the wheel of a go-cart.

- I really wanted a bull to stampede in during that last Bucky shot. He was so asking for it with that red sheet thing.

- Ok, so in addition to being a creeper, Purdue Pete is someone who lets children swing his hammer with no regard for the safety of others.

- Touche Sparty.