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REMINDER: TDG Tailgate Is Happening Before The Iowa Game

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Illinois related talk to remind you all that the TDG tailgate is on November 8th.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I certainly hope that you didn't forget this important news, but this is your 2 week out reminder that the TDG Tailgate will be taking place before the Iowa game in the East River Flats Park tailgating area. Full details will be coming out during the bye week lull, but since a bye week also means our traffic drops a touch I wanted to get a reminder out today to catch the biggest number of people possible.

A reminder that the tailgate is BYO Everything and is pretty informal overall. Basically the TDG staff park in the same area and we try to get as many of you to come hang out with us as possible. Still need a reason to join us? Well I'm happy to announce that Floyd will be at the tailgate. For reals (sort of). I can't find my photo right now, but will get it ready to prove I'm not crazy before next week's post. SPOILER: You can drink beer out of Floyd, which is an added bonus.

Anyway, get yourselves prepared and GO GOPHERS!