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Minnesota at Illinois: Predictions and Hopes For Week 9

What I think we'll see today and what I hope we'll see today from the Gophers.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably heard it mentioned several times by now, but the Gophers are playing for something the program hasn't seen since 1967...a 4-0 start to the Big Ten season. We've seen Matt's model predict a double digit win, we've poured over the Gopher's depth chart, and we've found that Tim Brewster does not fear Illinois or lie face down for them. So let's take a quick look at the things I believe the Gophers will accomplish and the things I hope they'll make happen.


Gophers rush for over 325 yards. Repeat after me. Illinois is weak against the run. I full expect the Gophers to pass as little as is needed. I also expect that they'll have success moving the ball on the ground. A lot of success.

David Cobb rushes for 175+ yards before the coaches shut him down. I don't think Cobb will need to be the primary back all game long. I think we'll see the rest of the running backs get more touches in the 4th quarter.

The Gophers force 2 turnovers. Both will be interceptions as young Aaron Bailey forces multiple passes into solid Gophers coverage in his first game as the primary QB for Illinois.


Peter Mortell downs every one of his punts inside the 20. The Gophers will win easily if the Illini always face a long field.

The Gophers pass rush forces 4 sacks. We haven't seen as much pressure on the QB in the Big Ten season as I would like. The Gophers take advantage of the Illinois offensive line and change that.

NO ONE GETS HURT. Let's be at 100% coming into Iowa, ok?

Mitch Leidner completes 60% of his passes. I love the newly efficient game manager Mitch. I want to see more of the newly efficient game manager Mitch!

Tim Beckman pulls off a mask and reveals that he's been Tim Brewster all along. DO IT TIM.