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Gameday Nugz: Minnesota v. Illinois

Football links for brunch

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Minnesota will try to go 4-0 in conference play for the first time since well before I was born. In addition to The Daily Gopher's coverage, here is what other people are saying about today's game.


The Associated Press article about Minnesota clicking while Illinois struggles is in USA Today, so bleary eyed hotel guests everywhere can read about the game.

Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune predicts a 24-21 Minnesota victory.

Tyler Mason gives Five Things to watch for in today's game.

Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times has 10 Things to Watch for this weekend, which opens with discussing how historically terrible Illinois is at defending the run. However, the Chicago Sun-Times is also under the impression that auto-playing video is a good idea. Internet Protests continue.

Marcus Fuller predicts a 35-30 Minnesota win, but writes for a website with auto-playing video.

Nate Sandell discusses the Minnesota's defensive improvement and the Offense's new decision to throw the ball.

Chip Scoggins writes about how the Gophers use tempo to their advantage.

Joe Christensen predicts a 37-21 Minnesota win.