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Minnesota Basketball: Previewing the Previews

Basketball is almost upon us. Here's what we're planning.

Andy Lyons

Minnesota Men's Basketball begins on November 6th with a scrimmage against Minnesota Duluth and there is a lot to be excited about for this upcoming season.

The Gophers return four starters from last year's NIT winning team, but certainly hope to be unable to defend their title. Ken Pomeroy's pre-season rankings place Minnesota as the 37th best team in the country. Making the NCAA tournament is a completely realistic expectation for this season.

Starting tomorrow, we'll be rolling out positional previews. Some spoilers:

  1. Andre Hollins and DeAndre Mathieu are really good, arguably best back-court in the Big 10 good.
  2. Mo Walker and Elliott Eliason have not combined into a super big though science is still searching for a way. Walker's and Eliason's improvement will be key to the Gophers' post-season hopes.
  3. The small forward will be the most interesting position battle to watch over the season.
  4. We are so excited and so scared about the newcomers.
  5. Pitino Gifs will continue to be awesome, and we are looking forward to more this upcoming season

As this is TDG, there will probably be bourbon recommendations. If they are from me then they are not to be trusted unless verified by others.

Additionally, in order to cement our #nerd status, I'll be writing some general analytics pieces throughout the year about different trends related to what's going on the floor and what's happening around college basketball. If there's something that you're interested in reading about, let me know in the comments.