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Gopher Sports Podcast Includes The Daily Gopher

A few weeks ago Gopher Sports introduced what is going to be a weekly podcast.  They plan to interview coaches, players, media members and even fringe media like The Daily Gopher.  The interview is pretty much about the history of the blog, SB Nation and what we do to differentiate ourselves.

It was a lot of fun, we are on the docket for other podcasts in the coming months and we are thrilled that the University asked us to be involved.



A couple things I missed or regret.

1 - I was asked about the staff and didn't get around to mentioning everybody, but we have 11 guys so it was tough to get everybody in there.

2 - when asked about old posts that stand out I cannot believe I did not talk about Jeffrick's greatest contribution to TDG.  Following a game in which Michigan monkey-stomped the Gophers, (the Tim Brewster Era) he put up a satire post that the University decided to shut down the football program.  Sunday afternoon I get a call from someone at the University's Athletic Comm Dept asking me basically, "what the hell?"  Apparently the football offices were getting calls from alumni and recruits asking if this was true.  Brilliant!

Anyway, my interview begins around 14:45.  Enjoy.