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Minnesota Golden Gophers News, Notes, & Links: Golden Nugz 10/03/14

Fridays just aren't the same when there isn't a Gophers game on Saturday...

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Leon Halip

So Gophers football doesn't play tomorrow.  That sucks.  Luckily, Gophers hockey gets on the ice against the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology tomorrow night at 7:00 PM at Mariucci!  Unfortunately, there's no television coverage for this exhibition game, outside of BTN Plus.  It also appears that there is no radio coverage for the game.  Very sad.

On to your daily links!

I generally don't enjoy posting links from Entertainment Sports Matrix Network, but they had an interesting idea to look at the Big Ten's records based on the last 13 games, including last year.  If you're looking for confirm your biases about who's good and who's not in this league, this is the article for you.

Tyler Mason at FSN has an early October Gophers Mailbag.  There's also a report card piece for the Michigan game, and an article about the #1 ranked Gophers hockey team being motivated entering the season.

The east-side paper's website crashed while I was perusing, so they only get one link today.  It's about David Cobb's ridiculous rushing yardage pace for the year.  He's on pace for over 1,800 yards, which would crush Lawrence Maroney's record of 1,464 yards set in 2005.  Gopher great Darrel Thompson is quoted in the article too, which is nice.

The west-side paper's website is functioning normally, so they get lots of links today.

First is a piece about the Big Ten/Hockey East challenge, which is a slate of 20 games played between the two conferences, which has the potential to be AWESOME.  Unfortunately, according the Big Ten's press release on this topic, only FOUR of the twenty games will be televised, and Minnesota residents will likely only be able to see two of those.  Excuse me for not getting too excited for this. Potential: AWESOME.  Execution: HORRIBLE.

The women's hockey team is looking to thrive again with a little less pressure than last year.  They'll also have three players playing on the US National Team at the Four Nations Cup next month.

And since I just can't get enough of the smell of tires burning in a dumpster in Ann Arbor, here's your Brady Hoke Schadenfreude.  First, Dave Brandon won't fire Brady Hoke mid-season, which I guess is kind of noble.  At least he's not sacrificing Hoke to save his own skin.  What's sad about this is that he expects Michigan fans to just act like everything is fine and support the coaches (supporting the players is a given, Dave) when clearly they have all lost confidence in the staff's ability to lead and decision-making regarding player safety.  Thank goodness we got Jerry Kill and not Brady Hoke a few years ago.

Happy Friday!  Go Gophers!


Couple added links by GN - thought these were worth sharing today and not waiting till it was my turn.