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#TBT--The Spooky Halloween Special

Bye week? Pssh more like Halloween week!

Program from halloween 1959
Program from halloween 1959
U of M

Looking through the record books  the Gophers have played a lot of big games on Halloween. While I'm sure most haven't been played at night, I like to imagine all of them being played under the lights with ghouls, goblins, and ghosts in the stands rooting for the Gophers.

Tie vs Grinnell 12-12 10/31 1891 at Grinnell, Iowa
Win vs Ex-Collegiates 8-0 10/31 1896 Armory Field
Beginning of little brown jug tie 6-6 10/31 1903 Greater Northrup Field
Loss vs Chicago 0-29 10/31 1908 at Chicago, Illinois
Loss vs Illinois 6-21 10/31 1914 Greater Northrup Field
Tie vs Wisconsin 12-12 10/31 1925 Memorial Stadium
Win vs Wisconsin 14-0 10/31 1931 Memorial Stadium
Loss vs Northwestern 0-6 10/31 1936 at Evanston, Illinois
Win vs Northwestern 19-7 10/31 1942 Memorial Stadium
Win vs Pittsburgh 35-14 10/31 1953 Memorial Stadium
Win vs Vanderbilt 20-6 10/31 1959 Memorial Stadium
Win vs Indiana 21-0 10/31 1964 at Bloomington, Indiana
Tie vs Iowa 14-14 10/31 1970 Memorial Stadium
Loss vs Michigan 13-34 10/31 1981 Memorial Stadium
Loss vs Illinois 17-27 10/31 1987 at Champaign, Illinois
Loss vs Indiana 17-24 10/31 1992 Metrodome
Loss vs Michigan 10-15 10/31 1998 Metrodome
Win vs Michigan St 42-34 10/31 2009 TCF Bank Stadium

All in all the Gophers are a very average 7-7-4 all time on Halloween. But the games to focus on are:

1891- WE TIED GRINNELL? For whatever reason the Gophers played Grinnell again at the end of the 1891 season and won.

1903-Obviously, the Little Brown Jug Game. It must have been fun to rush the field dressed as a 1903 ghoul.

1936-Loss to Northwestern. Bernie Bierman had not lost a game since 1932. His 4 year long undefeated streak ended on all hallows eve, but the 7-1 record was still good enough for that years national championship.

I know how yall love charts! Minneapolis Journal, November 1, 1936


1925 & 1970- Ties against Wisconsin and Iowa? Yikes that is spooky.

1959-Vanderbilt traveled up to Minnesota? For a beat down!

Game program from the 1959 Halloween game against Vandy. via U of M

1981, 1987, 1992, 1998- Nothing to see there, moving on...

And my favorite, 2009 against Michigan State. I dressed up as a very scary Tim Brewster and watched the game from the student section, I think.