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Minnesota Golden Gopher Hockey vs. SCSU Rapid Recap: Gophers Fall 4-1 in St. Cloud

Hannah Foslien

First Period

I can't get over the production quality of this broadcast.  It's like watching an old MSN feed in the nineties.

The Gophers took two unnecessary penalties in this period, which ceded momentum (and the lead).  Would I call either of them particularly egregious infractions?  No.  But they weren't terrible calls either.  Kalle Kossila made the Gophers pay during the second PK, giving the Huskies the lead late in the period.

SCSU has done a nice job of playing defense from their own goal out.  They're clogging passing lanes and getting bodies in front of their goalie to block shots.

Jonny Brodzinsking absolutely tackled Kyle Rau after the whistle and they were called for offsetting penalties.  Ridiculously bad call there.  And then they decided not to call a penalty on Brodzinski and took a different player instead.  Officials suddenly were struggling mightily, taking off the Gophers most dynamic player and releasing the Huskies' most dynamic player because they can't keep track of penalties properly.

Mike Reilly took a hooking penalty (for lifting a players stick; a legal play), and the Huskies scored on the ensuing scramble with two seconds left in the period, which ended 2-0.

Second Period

At this point in the game, I was dragged away by other responsibilities.  Thank goodness.  I watched the rest of the game on 5x DVR speed and this what I saw: another goal, and too many Gopher penalties.  This game is not going well.

Third Period

More Gopher penalties are flashing across the screen.  The Huskies would build a 4-0 lead after scoring on a five on three power play.  Hudson Fasching would score for the Gophers about a minute later, but it was too little too late.  This one is in the books as a disappointing road loss.

The story of this game is seven Gopher penalties.  It's hard to be successful at any level with that much time spent in the box.  It's something that they will hopefully correct tomorrow at home.