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College Football Week 6 Top 25 and Full Roundup Via Twitter

If you missed this weekend, I feel for you. Also, we look at the Top 25.

Joe Murphy

What a fantastic college football weekend. Were you asleep the whole time? Then here is some of the ridiculousness that you missed:

In summary...

Seriously though. Wow...

Moving along...

Quick thoughts about the Top 25:

- AP voters, Katy Perry's behavior and the Magical Goalpost Adventure can be used as tie-breakers between Ole Miss and Mississippi State you know. Also please remember CLANGA!

- I think Notre Dame is the new UCLA (i.e. the overrated team that will fall).

- Hey look! The B1G has a Top 10 team still!

- I see the Coaches Poll can't figure out how wins and losses work RE: TCU and Oklahoma

- Speaking of TCU...

- Wait, maybe Arizona is the new UCLA. Top 10?

- I don't pay attention to the ACC. How did Georgia Tech end up here now?

- Northwestern got hosed. Their world beating defense holds Melvin Gordon to ONLY 259 yards they aren't in the Top 25? Travesty.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Florida State Auburn
2 Auburn Auburn Oklahoma
3 Mississippi State, Ole Miss (tie) Baylor Ole Miss
Ole Miss Alabama
5 Baylor Notre Dame Baylor
6 Notre Dame Mississippi State Texas A&M
7 Alabama Alabama TCU
8 Michigan State Michigan State Mississippi State
9 TCU Oklahoma Notre Dame
10 Arizona Georgia Georgia
11 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
12 Oregon TCU UCLA
13 Georgia Arizona Florida State
14 Texas A&M Texas A&M Michigan State
15 Ohio State Ohio State Stanford
16 Oklahoma State Kansas State LSU
17 Kansas State UCLA Ohio State
18 UCLA Oklahoma State Clemson
19 East Carolina East Carolina USC
20 Arizona State Arizona State Florida
21 Nebraska Nebraska Kansas State
22 Georgia Tech Stanford Arkansas
23 Missouri Georgia Tech Nebraska
24 Utah Missouri Wisconsin
25 Stanford Clemson Louisvlle
For a composite Top 25 college football ranking, visit