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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football, Basketball, and Hockey News, Notes, and Links.

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THis morning I would look for some reasonable coverage of Northwestern because the blogosphere has descended into madness.  Surely, the Chicago media establishment can provide some interesting perspective on Chicago's Big Ten Team without the obvious trolling.  Well, the Chicago Sun Times only mentioned NWU once since Saturday.  The Chicago Tribune doesn't seem to know Northwestern exists, what with all the Notre Dame, Illinois, Wisconsin, and NIU coverage.

If you're looking for a read that will brighten your day, Chris Swanson has a great piece at about Northwestern's historic futility against Minnesota. Don't look for this series to get evened-up too soon.

On to the Gophers links.

No surprise that the Gophers used the bye week to get healthy, and it looks like it might have paid off.  I also think that the extra week of prep should prevent the much feared Jug Hangover.  In fact, it's so feared that the Strib wrote about it not once, but twice.

The injury plagued Gophers have had to dig deep into the depth chart, nowhere more so than on the defensive line.  Luckily, the four freshman that have seen consistent time have played well.

What's this?  A basketball story?  Is it that time already?  Well, apparently when it comes to the center position, the basketball team has some options.

And because I won't let hockey be outdone by basketball, here's's Big Ten Hockey preview.

Go Gophers!  Saturday can't get here fast enough.