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Brick By Brick: Episode 8 - Staying In Shape

This week's Brick by Brick is all about strength, conditioning, and nutrition and how the program helps players manage those things.

Talk about timely. You might have already read the ESPN profile on the changes David Cobb has made in his nutrition regimine:

Cobb is a picky eater. His diet before this offseason consisted mostly of cereal and fast food. He recoiled at the sight of vegetables, even if they were wedged between a pair of grease-soaked buns at McDonald’s. His go-to at the golden arches was a cheeseburger, hold everything but the meat and cheese.

Dietitian Brittany Francis has talked him into eating three square meals a day this season and reminds him daily to grab a piece of fruit on his way to class. Cobb didn’t really buy into eating healthy everyday until this summer, telling Wilson he was done pouring cheap gas into a Ferrari. He admits it’s an uphill battle, but he’s making progress.

“She makes me eat breakfast, makes me eat lunch and dinner,” Cobb said. “I’m still trying to learn. She probably yells at me four times a week, ‘Hey, put that cookie down. Stop going to McDonald’s.’”

The Gophers staff monitors Cobb’s energy output in games and practices closely. They use the Catapult GPS-tracking system to see how much he’s running and if he’s slowing down. He weighs in three times a week to make sure he is keeping his strength. If his numbers dip, Francis adjusts the calories he needs to eat or ounces of water he needs to drink on a daily basis.

This week's Brick by Brick takes us through the behind the scenes efforts that folks like team dietician Brittany Francis and strength and condition coach Eric Klein put in to make sure the Gophers stay on top of their games.