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Raise The Barn Episode 1: The Next Level

Ok, I'm ready to play. Where are my shoes?

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Thoughts

- I've always liked Coach Pitino's style. Usually it's for the same reasons as everyone else...his competitiveness, his fiery personality, his sideline demeanor, his penchant for an occasional jacket toss, and his style of play. But the more behind the scenes stuff I get to see, the more I realize how much he reminds me of the coach I played for in college. I love the duality of his style. The playful/fun and the competitive/fiery are both on display. Maybe others don't see the same things, but I remember playing for a guy like that and I remember how much fun it was, even as you were busting your butt.

- Ok, so I guess that wasn't a quick first thought.

- The practice court over at Bierman really looks great. I've been meaning to do a quick post rounding up all the changes to the Bierman facility and Williams and I'll see if I can get that done still this week. What impresses me the most (besides how great that space looks now) is how Coach Pitino came in and made lemonade with the facilities he had instead of griping about it.

- That moment where EE gets chewed out for playing a little soft? I remember that moment all too well and that sarcastic comment feels very familiar.

- Friday can't come quickly enough. BRING ON LOUISVILLE!

What did you like best about the 1st episode?

Are you as amped as I am for the season?