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Minnesota Gopher Football crushed Iowa 51-14

The Minnesota Gopher football team defeated Iowa 51-14 on 11/8/2014, and it wasn't even that close.

3 Stars - 4 Quarters - 5 Thoughts
3 Stars - 4 Quarters - 5 Thoughts
Arranged by Rolf Addy

GET DOWN TO WHAT! Free Floyd & rush the field! The Golden Gophers were Golden when they crushed Iowa 51-14 on 11/8/2014!

I may be a lot late to the party when it comes to writing about last weekends game, but better late than never! Still, I will be brief.


3 Stars

This is actually kinda hard because everyone was so great. Cobb deserves a star for being off the cobb with his running and even more so for his blocking, Maxx deserves a star for him intestinal Maxxitude and amazing hands and toes. Neither will get a star this time for me but they and many others deserve it.

Star #1: #1 KJ Maye (WR - JR) & #7 Mitch Leidner (QB - RS SO)

Both had perhaps their best games ever as Gophers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Star #2: All of the Lineman, Offense & Defense


You controlled the line of scrimmage pretty much the whole game, both sides of the game. Offensive line protected Mitch great and opened up holes. Jonah Pirsig seemed to have his best game as a Gopher, just pushing around his opponent like a toy. Defense filled holes and harassed Iowa's QB including a fumble. You were mighty.

Star #3: All of the Freshman


I believe 12-14 freshman played in this game, something like 8 on defense including two who got an unexpected start due to some discipline for some of the regular starters. How did they respond? Like they had been there before and belonged. Great job in a big game.

4 Quarters

This is the easiest of these ever to write.

Quarter 1:

Get it together Gophers, you need to answer that score. Good, now make a stop.

Quarter 2:

I guess they got it together, but don't let off the gas.


Please don't let Iowa get back into this game, at least the Gophers will start off with the ball.


Quarter 3:


Quarter 4:

Oh look, backups and third stingers. He, he, he. FLOYD!



5 Thoughts

Thought 1:

It was great to meet people at the TDG tailgate!

Thought 2:

I thought that was a BS pass interference call that let Iowa score their first touchdown. Not the worst call, but I was worried it was going to be one of those games calls just didn't go our way. You know, like most games.

Thought 3:

The calls did go our way, perhaps even when they shouldn't have like the huge 40+ yard Jones TD. How was he not down at the 1?

Thought 4:

Was it just me or did the Iowa players fall down a lot on their own accord? Maybe it was the heated field turf making things slippery. Gophers didn't seem to have that issue.

Thought 5:

WHO HATES IOWA? Well I dislike them but I think hate is a little strong. WE HATE IOWA! You know who really hates Minnesota now? Iowa. We have some RS seniors who have had the pig 3 out of 5 years! Awesome!