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Big Ten Basketball Power Poll--Preseason Edition!!

TDG will be participating in two different power polls this season..

Jamie Squire

Just like we do for football, The Daily Gopher has a vote in two separate Power Polls for two different websites covering the Big Ten.  I have a vote in the poll.  GoAUpher has a vote in the Big Ten Powerhouse poll. Over the course of the season we will be putting our ranking down here in a weekly post, seeing whether we are on the same page or not, and giving short rational for our decisions.  Without further delay, here are our Preseason Big Ten Power Poll Votes!

#1 Wisconsin

GG: Unfortunately the Badgers deserve to be #1 to start the season.  They return the greatest collection of talent including Preseason National Player of the Year Frank Kaminsky.

AU: Don't ask me to justify it, I already feel dirty that logic won out here.

#2 Ohio State

GG: Thad Matta always has his team prepared, and has a great recruiting class coming into Columbus

#3 Michigan-AU,  Michigan State-GG

GG: Tom. Izzo.  They will be up there.

#4 Nebraska- AU,  Michigan- GG

GG: The Wolverines may have the second greatest collection of talent behind Wisconsin in LeVert, Walton, Jr, etc. Can they stay on top mentally?

#5 Michigan State-AU, Nebraska- GG

GG: Tim Miles definitely has talent returning with Terran Petteway being the most obvious example.  Can he run the show in Lincoln

AU: Honestly, I really didn't have good reasons for spots 2-5. Just a gut feeling on where I thought folks would start the year strength wise. It's hard not to feel like I overrated Nebby, but I have a feeling that they're going to be better than people might think.

#6 Iowa-AU,  Minnesota-GG

GG: Richard Pitino has the Gophers in position to contend.  As long as the Dres show up, and Mo Walker improves like he should, the Gophers should finish right around here.

AU: I don't know if they end the season here, but I think they'll start strong.

#7 Minnesota-AU, Iowa-GG

GG: Iowa never seems like it should be this good.  Adam Woodbury, Aaron White..they don't seem like good players.  Yet they seem to be.

AU: I could have homer'd my way into putting the Gophers as high as 5th, but I tend to be overly cautious about where I rank Minnesota at the start of the season.

#8 Illinois

GG: Honestly don't know much about the Illini.  Just seem to be a middledweller recently.

AU: Not sold on the Illini yet. Definitely think Minnesota is a better team.

#9 Maryland

GG: Welcome to the Big Ten Terps.  Lets see if you can bring some of that ACC success to the REAL best basketball conference in the country.

AU: Given that crabcakes and football are what Maryland does, I really hope that the Terps live up to my mediocre preseason billing.

#10 Indiana-AU,  Purdue-GG

GG: AJ Hammonds is a stud.  Just not sure he can do it alone.

AU: This was before all of the alcohol and drug stuff blew up. I'd probably rerank them lower now. (GG: Don't forget the running over your teammate thing....)

#11 Purdue-AU, Indiana-GG

GG: As much as Indiana is in turmoil....the rest of the Big Ten starts stinking quickly

AU: Not as bad as everyone below them.

#12 Northwestern-AU, Penn State-GG

GG: DJ Newbill is the only thing keeping these guys from the bottom.

AU: Just thought they were better than Penn State

#13 Penn State-AU, Northwestern-GG

GG: Chris Collins might get them to respectability....just not this year.

AU: Not as bad as Rutgers

#14 Rutgers

GG: Yuck

AU: Ugh

So a bit of disagreement, but only one spot here or there.  We will learn a lot more once we actually start playing games.   Disagree?  Comment below and tell us what you think??