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Ray Guy Semifinalists Announced: Minnesota Gophers Peter Mortell Not Included

Do you even GIF Ray Guy Award voters?

Minnesota Football Facebook

Terrible, terrible news.

As an "expert" on all things punting, I find this decision questionable at best. Before I call out the lack of wisdom shown by the Ray Guy voting committee, let's look at the semi-finalists...

Player Class School
JK Scott Fr. Alabama
Scott Arellano Sr. BYU
Scott Harding Sr. Hawai'i
Austin Rehkow So. Idaho
Justin Vogel So. Miami
Tyler Wedel Sr. Northern Illinois
Cameron Johnston So. Ohio State
Drew Kaser Jr. Texas A&M
Tom Hackett Jr. Utah
Alex Kinal Jr. Wake Forest

(Everything about to follow is meant humorously. I'm sure all these punters are fine candidates and snappy dressers.)

Here's the problem Ray Guy bros. In addition to booming punts a country mile (the only true way to accurately measure punt distance) and being a key part of the Jerry Kill "make 'em work for every point" gameplan, Peter Mortell has accomplished the following:

- Rocked a fantastic punter 'stache while delivering what had to be the most BA punter Icebucket Challenge video of the year:

- Had GIFs created in his honor that didn't involve him missing a snap while giving the world a freak out face (pretty much the only way punters are usually GIF'd):

- Was instrumental in the creation of what we can only assume is the only Specialist based Twitter account in D1 college football (note: I have no idea if that claim is even remotely true):

Gopher Specialists

- Helped create a practice schedule so full of arm curls that it made Ron Burgundy jealous and went viral across the national sports media landscape:

Did the other competitors do that? No, not they did not. Shame on you Ray Guy Award voters. This is nothing short of a dereliction of your voting responsibilities.

Seriously though, we here at TDG love the great punting work Peter has done as a Gopher and think he deserved a chance to win the award based on real, actual stats and his in game performance. But for reals, GIFs. I'm not sure what else they needed.