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Gopher Football Play Tough in Loss to Ohio State

On Saturday the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team played their last home game of the 2014 season against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Gopher's played with heart and fortitude but failed to have a perfect season at home. Read on for my thought about the game. That's right; it's time for 3 Stars, 4 Quarters, and 5 Thoughts.


Three Stars

Star #1: #27 David Cobb (RB - SR)

Corn off the Cobb. The unquestioned star of the game in my mind. A few of the drives he took it all on his shoulders and scored. I considered this a game a very good NFL interview for David Cobb.

Star #2: #29 Briean Boddy-Calhoun (DB - RS JR)

A great old comic strip. A big game for BBC with the great interception/return, a forced goal-line fumble, a pass breakup, and several tackles. It looks like he wants to be the senior leader for next year.

Star #3: #17 Logan Hutton (WR - RS SR) & #37 Peter Mortell (P - RS JR)

Logjam & MOAR Mortell, a great combo. Just great punting by Mortell on Saturday made even better by the great special team play of Logan Hutton. Logan may not have caught a lot of passes for Minnesota but he has been a great special team player this year (don't forget the blocked punt recovery for a TD) and a good blocker. On a side note, I learned from Twitter that Mortell has a nickname of "Pipes"; I like my nickname for him better.

This week on "Meet Your Gopher Specialists" we present to you @PMortell37


Four Quarters

1st Quarter

So close then a cloud of dust. Giving up 14 points and scoring none isn't going to win a game but it really was just two big plays. Two very big plays. Yes, Gophers had to punt 3 times, but what great punts. You also gave OSU a 3 & out, something not many have and had a great interception (which I missed!).

2nd Quarter

"Oh my God Gophers! YESSSS! If only the Buckeyes didn't get that field goal right before half. I though OSU got helped by a very questionable (wrong) pass interference call against the Gophers but I haven't gone back to watch it again. OSU had only three possessions and they ended in a punt, and fumble, and a field goal. That's right, the Gophers out scored them 14-3!


You are still in it guys. We believe in you.


3rd Quarter

I missed the first half or so of this quarter getting things ready for my eldest daughter's birthday party. But hey, while they didn't score any, they only gave up 7 too. I didn't see it so it doesn't count, but man, that missed field goal ended up making a big difference. Darn interceptions.

4th Quarter

You guys never gave up. Scored 10 but gave up 7. Yes, you could have won but hold your heads high boys. We are proud of you. Gophers outscored and out gained the Buckeyes.


Five Thoughts

1st Thought:

I'm proud of you guys. You looked like you belong because you truly do...and you did it on national TV.

2nd Thought:

KillClaeys, and Limegrover took chances. To beat a team like OSU you have to do that. I had no problems with the overall calls in this game.

3rd Thought:

So close so often. So close to making that sack. So close to breaking that run. So close only counts in tailgating games.

4th Thought:

It's a good thing but people don't talk about how many players we are missing. At the start of the year the old excuse "we are a young team" didn't really count but know we have so many people hurt it almost does again. That said, I'm really going to miss some of these seniors.

5th Thought:

Passing. As I said above I didn't mind our play calling. Remember, we were missing two of our top wide recievers. #82 Drew Wolitarsky (SO) is out injured for the rest of the year (might be back for bowl game) and #4 Donovahn Jonesmissed the first few series for disaplinary reasons and then was too sick to play.

Bonus Thought:

I respect that Kill suspends key players for key games. Last week is was #5 Damien Wilson (LB - SR) against Iowa, this week Donovahn Jones. Yes they were only partial suspensions, but still, way to stick to your guns.