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The Daily Gopher Big Ten Pickem- Week 12 Results!

Zales pulls ahead again....slightly

I guess this Gordon guy is ok...
I guess this Gordon guy is ok...
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Thanks to all of the people who continue to play in our contest this season!  We should be announcing our grand prize very soon!  Get Excited!!!

Sixteen people went 6 for 7 last week, including our leader.  Other notables included Josh087, dryfly, drysil, Thats@#!gray, and yours truly.

As for the overall results, with Zales getting six points  last week, he has regained a one point lead over the rest of the pack.  He currently has a total of  81 points with Blake47s just one back with 80.   Ragnor and Josh087 are just tweo back with 79, and dryfly has joined  UltimateFrisbeeDude in trying to make a late push with 78 points.

With just 15 games remaining including the Big Ten Championship Game, anyone with less that 66 points has been officially eliminated from contention, though in actuality, its more likely that only the players with about 76 and up actually have a shot.

In case anyone cares...which I am sure you don't, it is a deadlock between myself and GoAUpher with 72 points in the  blog author competition.  Of course we are playing for nothing but bragging rights.

Our only perfect game of the week was everyone taking the Spartans to beat Maryland.

The most poorly picked game was Northwestern vs Notre Dame where only two of you, Gopherocious and evomike where the only two wise/lucky enough to take the Wildcats.

As always the full standings can be located here.

Don't forget to make your picks for Week 13. We finally have reached the point of the season where we have a full 7 on 7 Big Ten slate. 7 big games, and in my opinion, only two that should be obvious barring huge upsets.

As always, Good Luck!