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Big Ten Football Power Poll: Week 12

Look at the Badgers thinking about making a run...

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

As a member of the "working media" we get requests to help out other "media" in their articles and pursuits.  Then sometimes we get to steal their ideas and content for our own gain.  Thus, we bring you the Big Ten Power Poll!

I am a voting member in two power polls this season on other websites.  If you want to compare my votes to other "writers" from around the Big Ten, I'm sure they would love a click as well.  Check out the Rutgers Blog www.SalSoothsayer and another blog covering the whole conference,

Here is the poll after week 10:

Big Ten East

1. Ohio State

The Gophers gave them a game...but JT Barrett ran away with it...

2. Michigan State

Maryland was not a tough task for the Spartans.

3. Maryland

The Terps stay here sort of by default.  No shame in losing to MSU...but ither teams could have taken this spot had they wanted.

4. Rutgers

Kicking Indiana's ass.  Bowl Eligible.  Fist Pump Time!!!

5. Penn State

Yeah..I guess you get rewarded for beating Temple now.  Kind of sad isn't it, but the Lions get to go to a bowl.

6. Michigan

Need one more to get bowl eligible.  Better beat Maryland this week...

7. Indiana

Well at least you have Baske....oooh sorry about that.

Big Ten West

1. Wisconsin

And Wisconsin scores again.....

2. Nebraska

Here for now, but expecting the Gophers to make this tough on them this weekend.

3. Minnesota

Gave it a good battle but couldn't catch Ohio State.  Doesn't get much easier the next two weeks.QUADRANGLE OF HATE!!!

4. Iowa beat Illinois.  Yeah...can't talk trash about that.

5. Northwestern

I did not see that one coming.   But I like it.  Nice job Cats.

6. Purdue

Hosting Northwestern this week in the lesser known triangle of meh.

7. Illinois

Back where you belong...


In case you are a pre-divisions purist, and want to see how teams stack up overall, here is my overall Top 14:

1. Ohio State     NC

2. Michigan State  NC

3. Wisconsin +1

4. Nebraska -1

5. Minnesota NC

6. Iowa        +1

7. Maryland      -1

8. Rutgers  +1

9.  Penn State   +1

10. Northwestern +3

11. Michigan -3

12. Purdue   -1

13. Illinois       -1

14. Indiana     NC

The Badgers only go up to 3 after kicking the crap out of Nebraska...but have an argument for #2. Northwestern rises after their upset win, and Michigan crashes, but just due to incremental gains by others.  The Gophers and Huskers will face off for that #4 spot this weekend...should be fun.

Arguments?  Likes?  Dislikes?  Think I am an idiot?  Tell me in the comments!