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College Football Rankings - Polls: 4 Big Ten Teams In Top 25, Gophers 30th In Coaches

Not that it really matters, but the Gophers are outside the Top 25 heading into the Iowa game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We're a Gophers blog so yes, I'm going to talk about where Minnesota is here. But let's be clear, it doesn't really matter. Just like before Illinois, the accolades will come with wins. No reason to worry about it.

Looking at a wider picture for the B1G, Gophers fans are left with a choice. If you are a person who cheers for the Big Ten then you need TCU to lose. Why? Because they're going to get into the College Football Playoff ahead of Michigan State. I know the Coaches SID's Poll likes MSU more, but I'll be shocked to see them get ahead of TCU in the CFB Playoff Rankings without a Horned Frogs loss. If you want one of Minnesota's losses to look as good as possible, then keep on cheering for TCU (GO TCU!).

Ohio State, Nebraska, and (sigh) Wisconsin round out the Big Ten teams in the Top 25. If you put any faith into the Coaches SID's Poll, then Saturday's matchup between Minnesota and Iowa pits the 30th (MN) and 31st (IA) ranked teams against each other. Which of course means nothing. But there it is.  =)

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1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Auburn
2 Florida State Florida State Alabama
3 Auburn Auburn Mississippi State
4 Alabama Alabama Florida State
5 Oregon Oregon Ole Miss
6 TCU Michigan State Oregon
7 Michigan State TCU Kansas State
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame LSU
9 Kansas State Kansas State TCU
10 Baylor Baylor Oklahoma
11 Arizona State Ohio State Michigan State
12 Ole Miss Arizona State Baylor
13 Ohio State Ole Miss Arizona State
14 LSU Nebraska Georgia
15 Nebraska LSU UCLA
16 Oklahoma Oklahoma Notre Dame
17 Georgia Georgia Nebraska
18 UCLA UCLA Clemson
19 Clemson Clemson Ohio State
20 Utah Duke West Virginia
21 Arizona Arizona Missouri
22 Duke Utah USC
23 Marshall Marshall Texas A&M
24 West Virginia Wisconsin Arizona
25 Wisconsin West Virginia Florida
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