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Nebraska Roadtrip Tips - The Friendly Folks Of Corn Nation Share Their Thoughts

Our blogger brethren at Corn Nation answers some questions about how best to enjoy a road trip to Lincoln.


Last week Inflection Point put out a call for Nebraska Knowledge, specifically things to do/see, bar recommendations, that sort of thing. Outside of the information I gleaned from my road trip in 2012, I couldn't be much help. So I turned to the bloggers of the excellent SBN Nebraska site Corn Nation for help and they were kind enough to oblige. Are you a Nebraska fan who was tipped off about this post by the folks at CN? Please feel free to add ideas and suggestions in the comments. They'll be much appreciated I'm sure! Also, you can stop by CN for their "Guide to Lincoln" and "Guide to Lincoln - Update" posts. The original guide is from 2008 and the update is from 2011, but I know there are still some good nuggets to be found in each. The big thing both will be missing is the explosion of the Haymarket district near the new basketball arena.


GoAUpher: For me, one of the most enjoyable things about road trips is the chance to experience the sights, sounds, traditions, food, and drink of another Big Ten school. With that in mind, what would be on your "must see/do/eat" list for visiting fans? Feel free to pick non-Saturday daytime options, as I know some Gopher fans will arrive Thursday night.

Ranchbabe: Get down to the Haymarket area and enjoy some of the craft beers. Lincoln has quite a few places that brew some good beer. I am especially fond of Empyrean beers. I am told that Misty's Steakhouse is a landmark. Oh, and a Runza. You must try a Runza. Don't ask what's in it first though.

Ty: Go one higher with the craft beers. Blue Blood Brewery (My personal favorite) has really good beers, and a wide variety. Zipline is the other up and coming local. Both have tap rooms open over the weekend.
Otherwise, hit up the Haymarket/Railyard. Great area of redevelopment with good restaurants and bars. Hit both Gate 25 and Longfellows.

Cobby: What's your lean, you buck-toothed wood lickers? Fight Club or hookers with all their teeth but no papers? I'll be your Huckleberry.

Brian: Holy mother.. no one mentions Misty's?!? Yes, go get the Prime Rib. I know a lot of folks say it's overrated or a tourist trap, but for the last Nebraska home game of the season, do it.

Road Trip Ramblings

GoAUpher: From my personal experience, many Husker fans will welcome you right into their tailgates as you walk by and will be glad to share some food and beverage. However, we Minnesotans are always worried about imposing upon strangers and may decline such offers out of an over-abundance of caution and politeness. So I'm going to assume many of my fellow Gophers will decline the option and head to the bars instead. What establishments would you recommend these overly polite folks patronize on game day?

Ranchbabe: Yikes. I never get down to the bars. Between the Haymarket and the Railyard near the Pinnacle Bank Arena, you won't go thirsty.

Andy: 14th and O. Sandy's. Elk Creek pitchers. They're refreshing & breakfasty! And there'll be plenty of love for out-of-towners.

Ty: Hit both Gate 25 and Longfellows in the Railyard. The great part about the Railyard is that you can take your beverage of choice outside and watch on the giant screen that we, for some reason, call the cube.

Paul: If you want to feel at home, there are an abundance of Lutheran churches with kitchens well stocked with ham buns, and macaroni salad left over from the potluck last Sunday. ED NOTE: Well played Paul.

Brian: Barry's has come along and become a nice place. Plus, if the sun is out and it's a moderately decent temp, you'll be allowed on the rooftop which has some good views of the stadium and Downtown.

GoAUpher: What about Gopher fans who want the traditional tailgating experience? Is Haymarket Park still the only real option for reasonably close "day of game" tailgating?

Paul: Check out's tailgate. As a visitor you'll probably be given access even though it normally sells out (sign fee) early. It's south of the stadium about 6 blocks. Otherwise, wander around the parking lots at Haymarket Park. You will be welcomed. I promise you that. The one thing you can count on in Lincoln is hospitality in a way that is basically extinct everywhere else.

Andy: I can't help you there. I've had multiple tailgate hookups for so long, I've forgotten what it's like to wander & be welcomed. But the Lincoln gameday bar scene is always one that if you're from out of town and your attitude isn't Sgt Hulka ("AWRIGHT, WHICH ONE ‘A' YOU SUCKHOLES WANTS TO COME UP HERE ‘N' KnOCK ME OFF??), you will be welcomed & appreciated.

Ty: Yeah, Haymarket Park's your best bet. One of the biggest tailgating lots in town is now being turned into student apartments, so either hit Haymarket, or walk up 8th street where there are a few little lots that have good tailgating (that's where I'll probably be!)

Brian: 8th street is the good choice, and bring a hankerin for Bloody Mary's.

GoAUpher: A feature of Husker games many Minnesotans will not know about is the ability to leave and re-enter Memorial Stadium up until the end of the 3rd Quarter. Are there any nearby food/drink options that Gopher fans can get into which could provide halftime celebration or consolation depending on how the game is going? Asking for me, because in 2012 I was spoiled by a Husker friend who scored us access to the Champions Club that I won't have this year.

Paul: I've never tried, and honestly, I don't think you have time to go anywhere other than the concessionaires outside the stadium.

Andy: Google Barry's? Help me, is that still open? (Jon: Ha, yes, Barry's is still open, but a way walk for halftime, methinks.)

Ty: Head quickly to Haymarket. There are quite a few options there, IMO.

Brian: A couple of food stands around, but nothing to really get hot and bothered about.

ED NOTE: What the fine folks of Corn Nation are saying is no, there is no where to get booze via the exit/entry policy unless you've scored Champions Club tickets.

GoAUpher: Any game day traditions Gopher fans should know about/make an effort to see? Could be outside the stadium, pregame, etc. I'm betting most know about the tunnel walk and the balloons, but feel free to call those out too.

Ranchbabe: My family always likes to see the band. They play at Kimball Hall 90 minutes before kickoff and then march to the stadium. There is usually an alumni band that goes along.

Brian: The WiFi works, for the most part. Try to Skype the experience back home!


Thanks to the crew at Corn Nation, with particular thanks to Jon Johnston (@cornnation) for organizing the Q&A answers for me.

UPDATE: Also, I almost forgot to include this from the U.