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Gopher Basketball Faces DII Franklin Pierce - OPEN THREAD

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

So Franklin Pierce was our 14th President and known more for the political strife during his presidency and the acquisition of land giving us southern Arizona & New Mexico.  But maybe we should remember him as the President who failed in his attempts to acquire Cuba.  I digress.


williams Arena


7:00 PM


BTN Plus (internet only)

UStreet put together his preview of tonight's game and this will stand as your open thread.  The game is not to be found on TV, only via the interwebz so best of luck to you finding and watching.

It should be noted that Franklin Pierce played St. Johns awfully tough and actually led at half time.  They did put up 81 on the Red Storm so I'd like to see the Gophers flex some defensive muscle tonight.