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College Football Polls/Rankings Week 14: Minnesota Gophers Ranked #22 In Both Polls!

The AP joins the Coaches in putting the Gophers in the Top 25!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I said this earlier:

The Coaches Poll has been fond of Minnesota several times this year, but this is the first time it's truly felt like Minnesota went and took a place in the rankings. The win over Nebraska is hard to overlook and downplay, and I suspect the AP will agree with this ranking when they release their list in a few hours. Obviously we can expect the CFB Playoff committee to join in the fun on Tuesday, as they've already kept Minnesota ranked for 2 weeks in a row despite a loss.

It may be HATE WEEK already, but I'm going to bask in the glow of this win and all of it's joyfulness for one more afternoon. Join me friends!

And now with the official announcement that the AP has ranked Minnesota #22, I'll celebrate some more! This is a fantastic Sunday to be a Gophers fan!

AP Coaches Massey composite
1 Florida State Alabama Alabama
2 Alabama Florida State Oregon
3 Oregon Oregon Mississippi State
4 Mississippi State Mississippi State TCU
5 Baylor TCU Georgia
6 TCU Baylor Florida State
7 Ohio State Ohio State Baylor
8 Georgia Michigan State Ohio State
9 UCLA Georgia Ole Miss
10 Michigan State UCLA UCLA
11 Kansas State Kansas State Auburn
12 Arizona Arizona Michigan State
13 Arizona State Arizona State Kansas State
14 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
15 Auburn Georgia Tech Oklahoma
16 Georgia Tech Auburn Arizona
17 Missouri Missouri Missouri
18 Ole Miss Oklahoma Marshall
19 Marshall Ole Miss Georgia Tech
20 Oklahoma Marshall Arizona State
21 Colorado State Colorado State LSU
22 Minnesota Minnesota Arkansas
23 Clemson Louisville Louisville
24 Louisville Clemson Clemson
25 Boise State Boise State Nebraska
For a composite Top 25, visit