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Golden Nugz 11/15/14 - Kind of a B1G Week Ahead and SBN Partnership with BTN

BTN, SB Nation, and The Daily Gopher team up to create a Mount Rushmore for Gopher Football! Plus more Gopher Football and Basketball news.

So this week is kind of a B1G week for Gopher football and basketball.  Before we dive into Gopher sports I want to share this cool partnership between Big Ten Network and the Big Ten blogs of SB Nation.

BTN is attempting to come up with a Mt. Rushmore of Big Ten Football.  And they are partnering with SB Nation's Big Ten blogs to help determine who belongs for each school.  This is just a cool partnership for us and one of the many reasons why SBN is an awesome network to be a part of.

BTN is rolling out an exciting new project, BTN's Mount Rushmores of Big Ten Football. For each Big Ten football program, online fan voting will identify the four former student-athletes for their own Mount Rushmore. On Monday, Dec. 1, BTN will unveil a list of 10 candidates per school based on the following criteria:

1. Football only.
2. Former student-athletes only - coaches and current student-athletes are not being considered.
3. On-the-field accomplishments while in college only - professional career will not be a factor. Accomplishments that were reviewed include, but are not limited to, career statistics; awards won; and team success.
4. Particular student-athletes were intentionally removed from consideration due to off-the-field transgressions and/or criminal activity.

Should be fun.  The voting results, which will at least partially take place on TDG, will be revealed on BTN on December 19th.  More details to come in the coming days/weeks.