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Gopher Football Plays for the Top 3 Rivalry Trophies in College Football According to the AP!

The Gophers are tops when it comes to trophies...

#1 College Rivalry Trophy in all of College Football...
#1 College Rivalry Trophy in all of College Football...
Elsa/Getty Images

In an article published earlier this week, the Associated Press published a poll taken by voters who have a vote in the AP Top 25 College Football Poll.  They were asked to rank the top traveling college football rivalry trophies in the country.  The Gophers the main trophies did fairly well...well enough in fact that they were ranked #1, #2 and #3 in the poll.

Here are the top ten trophies in order:

#10: Keg of Nails (Cincinatti vs Louisville)

#9: Stanford Axe (Stanford vs California)

#8: Commander-in-Chief's (Army vs Navy)

#7: Jeweled Shillelagh (USC vs Notre Dame)

#6: Golden Hat (Oklahoma vs Texas)

#5: Platypus Trophy (Oregon vs Oregon State)

#4: Old Oaken Bucket (Purdue vs Indiana)

#3  Little Brown Jug (Minnesota vs Michigan)

2014 Little Brown Jug

#2: Floyd of Rosedale (Minnesota vs Iowa)

Floyd Celebration

#1 Paul Bunyan's Axe (Minnesota vs Wisconsin)

Paul Bunyan's Axe

The top three sure ain't bad.  The top four are all Big Ten rivalries as well.  Who knows...maybe 40 years from now they can take this poll again and the Chair can be on the list too. As it is, two of the three best rivalry trophies are sitting in Dinkytown.  Sure would be nice to have possession of all three.  To do that, it's very simple.