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Gopher Football Appreciation Week Continues

It may be HATE week but there are a lots of things for us to be thankful for and APPRECIATE about Gopher football. Today, let’s talk about those who don’t get the headlines.

Gopher Football Equipment Truck
Gopher Football Equipment Truck
Gopher Equipment

Appreciation week continues!

Yesterday I listed 10 things off of the top of my head of things I was thankful for but there are clearly more than 10 things. A big one I missed was that we have TCF Stadium now instead of the Metrodome. But that’s obvious, what about the players and staff who play a key role but don’t get the headlines.

1. The Scout Team

These guys play a key role in simulating the opponents. I feel bad for them this week as they have to pretend to be stinking badgers. Thank you.

2. Special Team Linemen

Some of these guys only play a few downs a game but the points that they allow (or block) can make the difference in the game. Sadly, we only recognize them if they screw up. Thank you.

3. Offensive Linemen

Probably the unit on any team that gets the least glory compared to how much of an impact they get. Unlike most "skilled" positions (I hate that term), these guys are mostly every down players. Every play, they are guaranteed to get hit and their only reward is to get a yellow flag if they have a false start or accidently grab a guy. Thank you.

4. The Understudies (third/forth string)

Unless it is a blowout, these guys only get to play if something bad happens, yet they must always be ready. Some may never see the field in a real game yet they sacrifice their time and bodies, many without scholarships, for the love of football and their teammates. Thank you.

5. The Support Staff

How would you like to take care of 100 kids everyday? It takes a village of support staff to raise a football team. The support staff does everything from preparing game film for study, cleaning/preparing/fixing equipment, setting up tables and chairs for meetings or meals, to helping athletes academically or even for job interviews. We as fans don’t see this, but we would notice it if they weren't there. Thank you.

MN FB Equipment Staff Photo


Please let me know below in the comments individuals or groups that I missed out, particularly if you had some sort of involvement with them.