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#HATEWEEK Q&A: Andrew Rosin from Bucky's 5th Quarter

Andrew tries to muster up some hate, explains lettering schemes for stadium sections, and pretty much avoids all of the important questions.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

JD: Even though I know you'll probably answer this question with how much Badger fans actually pity Gopher fans, how bad do you guys hate us?

Andrew Rosin: If you want hate, you're asking the wrong guy. I like Minnesota. Rhymesayers Entertainment is my jam, Wits is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Willie Burton's my favorite obscure NBA player. And Minnesota drunks think I can sing. This hate you have for me is sad. I pity you. I know Minnesota nice is supposedly this pejorative but unless you're all old enough to sock hop at the five and dime when Minnesota was the proverbial king shit of fuck mountain and Hitler was marching across Europe? I know you can be better.

JD: Here's a question from one of our readers who is attending the game in Madison this week: Did you know if you used numbers instead of letters you would have an unlimited number of section possibilities? Also, why does your stadium look like an erector set? [Editor's Note: You don't really have to answer this, but if one person is asking it, I feel like other people might be too.]

AR: Yes, because you can't double or triple up letters for sections. That would be stupid. No one would think to do that. No one at all. Nope. No one. At. All.

JD: Melvin Gordon is... holy crap. I mean... He Good. How much fun has the Badger season been getting to watch him just destroy opposing defenses?

AR: He's the best running back the Badgers have had in the modern era. He's not just a dude who can get to the corner on the jet sweep anymore. He picks. He slides. He runs hard between the tackles. Put it this way. When this offense was broken, Melvin Gordon was this damn good. It's gonna be ridiculous that he doesn't get the Heisman.

JD: The Badgers have two losses on the season, in Week 1 to LSU and in the B1G opener against Northwestern, but have since reeled off 6 straight conference wins. How did you guys withstand the murderer's row of Illinois, Maryland, Rutgers & Purdue? Also, do you eat cheese curds everyday, or just most days?

AR: Not to answer a question with a question, but how did you not? Also, that other question's dumb. I'll apologize later if you eat Lutefisk every day. Because nothing says delicious like food dunked in lye.

[Editor's Note: First, we didn't play Maryland and Rutgers, we played Michigan & Ohio State (Thanks Delaney!). Second, it may be dumb, but he didn't answer it, so I'll assume every day.]

JD: Oh, hey, another question from one of our readers [Editor's Note: /checks notes //checks Wikipedia ///types question anyway]: What's it like having the youngest football program in the conference (having started in 1993) and having been a winner since day 1?

AR: So you're saying the real score of the rivalry is Wisconsin 17, Minnesota 4? This is a change I wholeheartedly affirm. I mean, sucks to suck against the Badgers, Minnesucka. Get it, cause you suck at this being a rivalry. Because we're clearly twenty-two years old in football and this isn't the sour grapes because there was a shift in the quality of the Badgers on-field play.

[Editor's Note: DAMN YOU MATH!]

JD: Is Gary Andersen trying to pull some more shenanigans with The Axe like the Badgers did with the Slab of Bacon trophy 1943? Also, how drunk are you right now?

AR: 1943? Are you all still snapping your cap over the brainchild of a buncha fat-heads who were too 4-F to fight the Japs or the Jerries? Is the average age of your readership 90?

[Editor's Note: Once again, Andrew avoids the hard hitting question.]

JD: The Badgers have dominated this rivalry recently winning the 10 meetings between the teams. Tell me about the fear you have in your heart that the Gophers will end that streak this season.

AR: Heart? Nah. In my heart it's going to be an 18-4 lead for the Badgers come the night of November 29th. There's some doubt in the back of the head. But the Badgers have Melvin Gordon. Hard to fear anything so long as he still wears your laundry.

JD: This is a formality really, because I know you will predict a 3 TD win for the Badgers, but I ask it every week, so here goes: Prediction time. Who wins? How do they make it happen? What is the final score?

AR: Three touchdowns? Two teams combining for 94 runs a game isn't going to have much time for there to be a blowout. Hell, I'm even thinking you cover. But it's gonna be another year where it sucks to suck Minnesucka. Badgers get the rivalry to 18-4. Badgers 21, Gophers 10.

Oh dang, I forgot to ask Andy if he was involved in this. Here's your Thanksgiving reminder that Badger fans are gross.Foul In The End Zone