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Happy Thanksgiving, What are you Thankful For - OPEN THREAD

For many of you, you may not realize that this is an annual tradition here at TDG.  It started as filler to get something posted on a holiday but it has become one of my favorites. A few things I am thankful for on this day of Thanksgiving.  Of course I am thankful for having good healthy and my family (beautiful wife and 3 kids who I enjoy very much).  But in addition to those important things in life, here are a couple more things I am very thankful for today.


I love this blog.  I enjoy the creative outlet it has become but more than anything I enjoy the community here and the people I have gotten to know.  The staff we have built here is great and behind the scenes they are a lot of fun to interact with.  Everyone on on the staff brings something different to the table and everyone one makes outstanding contributions to help make TDG what it is.  And the community here is a ton of fun as well.  Not a day goes by without coming here, not just because it is my responsibility to check in on things but because I want to see what people are saying/talking about.  Ultimately I guess that means I am thankful for those of you who make up this community, more than I am thankful for the blog itself.

Jerry Kill

If you ask me this is the best time to be a Gopher Football fan in my lifetime.  This team is good and compete with just about everybody.  And the best part is, I think they are getting better and there is nothing fluky or gimicy about it.  Jerry Kill is disciplined, touch and works hard; he has a football team that reflects this.  We are playing a game in the last week of the season where we have an opportunity to be playing in the Big Ten Championship game.  Regardless of the outcome, that is something not seen here in a very long time.  I am thankful for Jerry Kill and what he has done with my favorite football program.

The Jug and the Pig

Having the Little Brown Jug and Floyd of Rosedale in our possession are the same time is just so much fun for me.  Maybe because it has never happened in my lifetime.  Maybe it is because this season has been so much fun and those are two tangible reasons why.  But I love our rivalry trophies they are unique, with awesome backstories and they are not forced tokens for whoever wins a game just because we are in close proximity to the opponent.  There is some passion and some actual desire to hoist these trophies and proudly display them until we have to defend them.  I am very thankful to have these two in our possession.  I am also greedy...I want one more.

There are plenty more things I could have put up here (Norwood Teague, David Cobb, Adam Weber, BOURBON, etc, but these are the top of my list.  Your turn, what are you guys thankful for?