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Gophers in Madison With Chance to Win Big Ten West - OPEN THREAD

Biggest Border Battle in years!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports
Anti Bucky


November 29, 2014

Location: Madison, WI
Time: 2:30 PM Central Stadium: Camp Randall
TV: Big Ten Network Radio: KFAN 100.3
Gophers Radio Network
SiriusXM 196
XM Ch 196
Sirius Ch 135
Internet Stream:
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Know Thy Foe: Bucky's 5th Quarter
Weather: 45 degrees and cloudy
Line: Wisconsin by -14.5

3 Keys, 2 Players to Watch, 1 Prediction

Maroon_key_medium Must Get a Good Game From Leidner - Yes, I wrote about this yesterday and clearly I think it is pretty important. When Leidner is bad we lose. Even look at the Purdue and Nebraska games...Leidner struggled in those first halves, was much better in the 2nd and we were able to overcome those halftime deficits. Leidner doesn't have to be amazing, just not bad. We need him making good decisions in the running game, good decisions with his passes and accurate.

Maroon_key_medium Get First Downs - Three and outs are bad. Just getting a first down or two on every drive goes a long way. This keeps Gordon off the field and helps us win the field position game. Always have to win the field position battle, it is pretty important for the Gopher's winning formula. Few teams rely on this as much as the Gophers do.

Maroon_key_medium Slow Gordon - I don't think stopping him realistic but lets make him and his offensive line work for it a little bit. Slow down Gordon, limit his big plays and see what happens if we can get the Badgers in some passing situations.


  • #25 - RB - Melvin Gordon - Likely the Heisman Trophy winner and a high draft pick. Gordon is special and fun to watch. Just hope today is stinks!
  • #30 - LB - Derek Landisch - Eight sacks, 14.5 TFLs. If the Gophers are going to get anything going on the ground he (and the other 6 of this tough front seven) Landisch will need to be neutralized.


So my head says we lose this game. But I'm going with irrefutable logic here. The Gophers lost on senior day, then we beat Nebraska on their senior day, then Nebraska beat Iowa on their senior day...time for the Badger seniors to experience a loss on their senior day. Wisconsin is very good in most areas but this is our game...our year.

Minnesota - 21

Wisconsin - 20