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The Daily Gopher Big Ten Pickem- Week 10 Results!

Zales finally extends his lead.....

What do you know....Maryland can shake hands...
What do you know....Maryland can shake hands...
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to all of the people who continue to play in our contest this season!  We should be announcing our grand prize very soon!  Get Excited!!!

We had ten people get all six games right this week, so congrats to : gopherdiddy, katz0057, Gophs07, blake47s, MWTOMMYG, Zales, Wally The Gopher, Nashvlgopher, and TDG's own GoAupher and Gopherguy05

As for the overall results, Zales with his perfect week has now extended his lead to two games with a total of  73 points!  Blake47s and  UltimateFrisbeeDude are now in a second place tie with 71 points.     Josh 087 and Ragnor are another two point back with 69.

We had two perfect games with week featuring Nebraska over Purdue and Ohio State over Illinois.

The most poorly picked game was Maryand's victory over Penn State where 36 of you picked the Nittany Lions to win.

As always the full standings can be located here.

Don't forget to make your picks for Week 11.  Five games this week as we get closer to the end of the regular season. At least tree of the five could go either way.  Should be an interesting week!

Good luck to everyone!