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Big Ten Announces 2014 All-Big Ten Team, Minnesota Well Represented

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Gopher Football was much improved this year and as Matt pointed out this morning it was a great season.

Tonight the Big Ten announced their 2014 All-Conference teams as voted on by the coaches and by the media.  The media was much more kind to the Gophers, more on that later.

Before we get to the actual teams it should be noted that a couple Gophers earned some special recognition.

Kwalick-Clark Tight End of the Year:

Maxx Williams, Minnesota

The best tight end in the conference this year was none other than Maxx Williams.  A great season was adequately recognized and more awards are potentially on the horizon for Mr. Williams.

Eddleman-Fields Punter of the Year:

Peter Mortell, Minnesota

The field position battle was crucial for the Gophers this year and Peter Mortell was more than up to the task.  Another great year for the Gopher punter and it earned him some hardware from the conference.

Gophers on All-Big Ten Coaches Team

Maxx Willliams 1st team Sophomore
Peter Mortell 1st Junior
Zac Epping 2nd team Senior
David Cobb 2nd Senior
Damien Wilson 2nd Senior
Briean Boddy-Calhoun 2nd Junior
Eric Murray 2nd Junior
Cameron Botticelli HM Senior
Josh Campion HM Junior
Theiren Cockran HM Junior
Tommy Olson HM Senior

And the media was more kind by putting FIVE Gophers on the first team.  Eric Murray drops off and only gets honorable mention but the list of names remains the same.

Gophers on All-Big Ten Media Team

Maxx Willliams 1st team Soph
Zac Epping 1st Senior
Damien Wilson 1st Senior
Briean Boddy-Calhoun 1st Junior
Peter Mortell 1st Junior
David Cobb 2nd team Senior
Eric Murray HM Junior
Cameron Botticelli HM Senior
Josh Campion HM Junior
Theiren Cockran HM Junior
Tommy Olson HM Senior

Ultimately I think that the coaches got it WRONG by not including Wilson on the first team.  And the Media was wrong to not have Eric Murray on either team.  But it was nice to see Botticelli get a little recognition and there would have been couches burning in Dinkeytown if Maxx and Mortell were not first teamers.

Great recognition for 11 key contributors to what has been a great season.