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Gopher Football Recruiting: 2015 Early Enrollees For Spring Semester

Let’s take a quick look at the members of the 2015 Minnesota Gopher Football recruiting class that will be enrolling early to participate in Spring Practice.

Berkley Edwards at a Gopher Football Practice
Berkley Edwards at a Gopher Football Practice

Goldy Gopher


Yes, it is still 2014 and we have yet to play in our New Year's Day Bowl, but let take a look ahead at Spring! The following Gopher recruits are expected to enroll this coming semester and participate in the Spring Practices, a practice that seems to be coming more common every year, at least at Minnesota. You can click on their names to read Matt's Scroll of the Sworn posts on them:

Let's welcome these 4 young men and look forward to seeing them in a Gopher uniform in the Spring.

Gopher Gridiron


In addition to the players above, we are also looking forward to Jeff Jones participating in Spring drills (though I don't believe that has been officially announced yet). Is there anyone we have missed? James Johannesson (RB) was listed as an early enrollee but his 247 profile now says that he will enroll in the Fall.

Hat tip to Killjoy at Gopherhole who posted these names yesterday. You can see his post here.