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Gopher Football falls to Wisconsin in Season Final

The Minnesota Gopher football team lost a heart-breaker to the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday, 24-34. I have some thought on the matter.

3 Stars - 4 Thoughts - 5 Quarters
3 Stars - 4 Thoughts - 5 Quarters

In the lead I said the Gophers lost a heart-breaker, but to me that's not really true. Yes they lost but it didn't really break my heart because this season has filled me with so much joy. On some other nameless Gopher blogs some of the posters (yes, just some) went nuts. I read (well, only partially) that said basically, "great, another 8-4 season, I guess we are back to Mason levels of mediocre." Can you believe that crap? If yes, stop reading now, this article is not for you. If you did a spit-take, read on, its time for 3 Stars - 4 Quarters - 5 Thoughts.

Brick by Brick


Three Stars

Star #1: David Cobb (RB - SR), #27

You had yet another 100+ yard game, against a defense now ranked #8 against the run. You had a monster 40-yard run one week after getting hurt in a game. You set the single season record for rushing yards for the University of Minnesota, and you still got a bowl game to add to that! Thank you so much for choosing to spend your college career at the University of Minnesota. Thank you. We will cheer for you on Sundays.

Star #2: Cedric Thompson (DB - SR), #2

You played lights out on Saturday, finishing up with 12 tackles. You are second on the team on the season with 77 tackles, intercepted 2 passes, and forced two fumbles. Thank you so much for choosing to spend your college career at the University of Minnesota. Thank you. We hope you get a chance to follow you dreams, perhaps even playing on Sundays.

Star #3: Peter Mortell (P - RS JR), #37

You did your job, and you did it very well. You had 7 punts for an average of 51-yards. That's some leg. We are all glad that you will be back next year. Keep up with your great performances, both on the field and on social media.

Four Quarters

Just going to do halves today.

1st Half:

So good, so very, very good, especially that first quarter. A very unfortunate 6 point swing to end the half.


Under Jerry Kill, the Gophers have never lost when winning or tied at halftime, so we are all good, right?

2nd Half:

I never gave up hope and you guys mounted a heck of a comeback, but in the end the Axe stayed in Wisconsin. I think if this game was at TCF the result may have been different. Despite the outcome, I enjoyed watching this game. Thank you Gophers.

Five Thoughts

1st Thought:

I'm proud of you guys. You showed heart and fortitude.

2nd Thought:

One game does not make a season, don't let this loss ruin this season for you, it was a special season.

3rd Thought:

It was a special season because we had a special group of guys wearing the maroon and gold this year. I feel this might be the best Gopher team of my lifetime (36 years). One thing I'm amazed doesn't get talked much about is how young this team is. Yes, I didn't think we would be saying that at the beginning of the season, but with injuries, we played so many Freshmen this year that I think we can say this still.

4th Thought:

You might have the same overall record, but you are much improved. The competition got harder this year and yet you won one more Big Ten game and there is still the bowl game to go. Three of your 4 losses were to the best teams in the nation and even that Illinois lost looks better now.

5th Thought:

Go GOPHERS! Ski-U-Mah!

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