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The Daily Gopher's The Night Before Christmas!

In which we take a classic....and make a "classic"

'Twas the night before Christmas throughout Dinkytown
Stadium Village was quiet with only a lone Gopher roun'.
The pads and jerseys have been shipped to Florida with care,
in hopes that a bowl victory would soon be earned there.

The TDG writers were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of Pappy and Stagg danced in their heads.
With GoAUpher in his Zubaz settled in for a nap,
and GN in his Weber Jersey for which we all gave him crap.

We relived memories at TCF that arose such a clatter,
plays like Maxx's catches that really did matter.
Jalen's return-- 100 yards in a  flash,
threw Northwestern's upset dreams right in the trash.

Cedric's big plays to knock down the Boilers
who came in thinking that they could be spoilers,
when Iowa thought they understood this gig,
we told them get out...but please leave the pig.

With a heck of a leader who provides suck a thrill,
The cries of Jerry!  Big Ten Coach of the Year Kill.
His players recruited to Minnesota they came,
and he whistled and coached and called them by name:

"Now Maxx! Now Mitch!
Now, Damien and Eric!
On, David! On, Cam!
On, Epping and Derrick!
From the star of the Offense!
To heart of the D!
Go hawk the ball!
Touchdowns for thee!"

As rushing yards piled up and touchdowns were scored
with no possible way could Gopher fans be bored.
the defense racked up tackles and turnovers with praise,
strong coaching they had by a genius named Claeys.

Onto the road the Golden Gophers came in force,
with memorable trips to Lincoln and Ann Arbor of course.
The Gophers returned from the trips with their spoils,
a Little Brown Jug and Broken Chair reward for their toils.

The punting of Peter, the big boots of Santoso,
whose fashion choices were definately not so-so.
With doses of Gopher-I and lots of Jet Sweep,
the Gopher running game moved ahead with a great leap.

But more about this leader of men so merry!
nicknamed "the defroster" Coach Kill, Jerry!
His humble modesty rubbing off on his team,
bringing football successes that once we could only dream.
His rising above the loud criticism of a few,
to prove that he knew what he could actually do.
To lead his team to a January Bowl was something to say,
since that last happened under President JFK.

His dancing hilarious, but inspires us so,
we'd like one more dance, in Orlando.
But to get that a bowl loss will not do
The Gophers must beat the Tigers of Mizzou.

So the Gophers will prep and practice with glee,
filled with well wishes and pride of the entire University.
So on January one in the Citrus Bowl Game,
an impressive bowl victory is the goal at they aim.

So the Gophers season ending game is drawing nigh,
But before the end erupts one last battle cry.
We at TDG exclaim, encouraging one last grand fight,

"Ski-U-Mah to all, and to all a good night!"