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#TBT Wishes You A Merry Christmas

wishing ya'll a historically good Christmas

Bernie Bierman had a good Christmas in 1936.
Bernie Bierman had a good Christmas in 1936.

Just a quick post wishing you a Merry Festivus (belated), Hanukkah (also belated) or Christmas/New Year.

I'm busy doing research on all kinds of things. Williams Arena stuff is going well and Barn History segments will turn up again real soon. There will be some kind of #TBT Bowl post about the 2000 Bowl (the only other Florida bowl game for the Gophers) and the history of Miz/Gophers match ups. And I'm brewing up some hockey related stuff as well.

Bernie Bierman had just won his third consecutive national championship, so what did he give his son for Christmas in 1936? Three footballs of course. Via MNHS

Since you guys clicked on this article I feel required to give you some historical shenanigans. If you're of Norwegian ancestry you may have heard of Julebukking.I discovered Julebukking as I was lazily looking through MNHS' collection of holiday photographs. I am not Scandinavian and find this bizarre ritual fascinating. Basically it's trick or treating on Christmas. This photo will surely haunt your dreams.

Julebukkers from 1908 in Minneapolis. Via MNHS

Would you give these kids gifts? Yikes.

I like to imagine Oscar was enjoying Christmas when this photo was taken in 1948. Via MNHS