Peter Mortell Is A Class Act!


HATS OFF to Peter Mortell! We here at TDG were already big fans of Peter, and that's not changing anytime soon:

As part of the Citrus Bowl gift package, each Gophers player receives a gift card to Best Buy. The team will hold a private shopping spree at a Best Buy in Orlando after it arrives for bowl festivities. Players are free to buy whatever they desire with that $452 allotment.

Mortell did his shopping early. He couldn’t wait to tackle his long wish list. Except he didn’t buy presents for himself.


He wanted to do something to help someone less fortunate. Mortell decided to use his gift card to buy presents for boys and girls living at St. Joseph’s Home for Children, a Catholic Charities program that provides shelter and other needs for kids in crisis situations.

You're a class act Peter and we're glad you're playing for the Gophers!

Happy Holidays everyone!