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#TBT Takes A Look At Gophers Hockey and Basketball

Enjoy some historic photos of Gopher hockey and basketball and leave a comment about what you'd like to find out more about!

First Game At The Barn, 1928
First Game At The Barn, 1928

With football heading into bowl season now seems like the perfect time to transition into the rich and wonderful history of Gophers hockey and basketball.

Full on disclaimer, I don't have nearly as much material for these sports, and to be real with ya'll I don't even know how to ice skate (I'll take your belittling jokes about my being a 'true Minnesotan in the comments section!). So I've got a few ideas to work with for both hockey and basketball but I'm interested in hearing from you!

For either sport, what do you want to learn/know more about? Decades, players, rivalries? Speak now and I'll be able to put in some good research for future articles.

But I know you didn't come here today to help me out. You wanted some cot demd #content. So here are a few historic hockey and basketball photographs from the MNHS collection!

In the good old days the hockey squad played their games in front of the Armory.

Gopher hockey 1930 team photo. Via MNHS

Maybe you're more of a women's hockey fan? I've never looked into this but I'm betting I could find a story or two about the history of women's hockey at the U of M.

Gopher women's hockey 1925 team photo. Via MNHS

Basketball fan? I've got you covered, well maybe....

Construction of the "Field House" later renamed Williams Arena aka The Barn. Via Hennepin County Library.

First Gopher game at The Barn was against Ohio St, back in 1928:

Don't forget to holler at your boy about what #content you'd like to see in this winter's #TBT articles!