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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

They Are.  Fox Sports.  They Are.  Minnesota.

Something something soft basketball schedule something something still focused.

Tyler Mason answers questions from emailers in his December 3 Mailbag.

Dah da DAH, Dah da DAH!

Good luck finding mention of the Gophers at the WWL now that they've been eliminated from the CCG.  Here are some links anyway.

What's the opposite of nine wins a year?  Apparently Nebraska hired the Anti-Pellllini.

Getting to 6 and 6 does not guarantee you a bowl birth.  Watch your ass, Illinois.

WWL Big Ten Nugz

Script-Laden Links from St. Paul

Eric Decker was not happy to go play for the Jets. Can you blame him?

The Gophers are the cream of the Big Ten Hockey Conference, obviously.

The Dre, single profile

The Other Paper links

VIDEO: Don Lucia previews the Michigan State Series

ANOTHER: preview of this weekend's series.

A hockey player profile of Jake Bischoff.

A hockey player profile of the Dre-tones.

A sizable football facilities gift?  Stay tuned on this story.