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Minnesota Basketball: Golden Nugz - 02.14.13 - Who Loves Gopher Sports?

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Nugz theme is LOVE.

  • love this encouragement from Rick Pitino to son Richard.
    "To me, it's a perfect place to raise my grandchildren. It's a perfect place for him to become something special like Bo Ryan has become at Wisconsin. That was my advice to him -- become a Billy Donovan at Florida, a Bo Ryan at Wisconsin, a Tom Izzo at Michigan State. Build something very special at Minnesota and build longevity.

    "My feeling, personally, is why, good or bad, follow your dad? Why leave a place that can be something special?"
    If Richard can build something here, I would LOVE for him to adopt this philosophy rather than the philosophy of using this job as a stepping stone to a better program.
  • I love Jerry Kill.  No link.  I just love what he has done with the football program and I love the enthusiasm that is building around it.
  • I love Amelia Rayno (not like that, c'mon guys).  She is very good at covering Gopher basketball and is an excellent writer.  I'm sure this isn't the pinnacle of her career but maybe she'll stick around a while longer. And you guys should be nicer to her on Twitter

Finally, Happy Valentine's Day from Gopher Football


And I love one more thing (besides my wife, family, etc).

I love bourbon!!!  The best present a woman could get a man who loves bourbon?  A dozen roses...Four Roses that is.